NASA Lunar Truck and Operator's Console


NASA Lunar Truck and Operator's Console

Welding Aluminum San Antonio

NASA ConsoleIn July of 2009 Weebz Welding was invited to build items that were going to be used by NASA in their venture to put men and equipment on the moon. In order for NASA to go back to the moon and build an establishment they would have to treat that surface like any on earth, it would have to be excavated. NASA designed and built a Lunar Truck to be a multifunctional vehicle to handle multiple tasks.

One task would be a bulldozer to move and grade the lunar surface. This Lunar Truck would be remote controlled from as far away as earth. This would be done with an operator’s console consisting a joystick control foot pedals much like a bulldozer. Caterpillar assisted by lending their technology used in their bulldozer controls. The operator’s panel would also have 6 flat panel monitors to gain full view from on board cameras. Weebz Welding was given the task of building the operators console. The frame was TIG welded aluminum frame made of 6061 aluminum.

As a former NASA welder and a current supplier of welded goods to NASA we have been recognized and appreciated for our extremely high skilled aluminum welding. Other aluminum welding projects for NASA include a mars rover frame, a Space Station segment mock up for the training of Robo-Naut, a lunar rover chassis and most recently the aluminum welding of piping in NASA Chamber A.