"Mr. Weible's hands-on welding and fabricating skills ... are among the best in the industry. He obviously takes great pride in his work, there's no doubt about that."

Daniel Rybicki, Engineer, Jacobs Technology, Inc.

"Weebz Welding has been instrumental in our welding requirements. Weebz has become a strategic partner with Electrolab. Always a consistent product produced at the right time and right price."

John Worth, Electrolab Inc

"Weebz Welding has been one of our top suppliers of skids and reservoirs for the past three years. The workmanship is top notch."

Shawn Callow, Engineer, Hydraquip Custom Systems

"Weebz Welding has been our strategic partner in delivering high quality welded assemblies for over three years."

Gerry Law Plant Manager, EPMP-Seguin

"[Mr. Weible] can be commended for his reliability, versatility, willingness and ability to work under difficult circumstances, and his overall personality, as it is obvious that he is well liked by his peers. It is my belief Mr. Weible will excel in whatever welding related endeavor he undertakes."

Daniel Rybicki, Engineer, Jacobs Technology, Inc.

"Integrity coupled withexcellentwelding and business skills round the award winning NASA certified welding program."

Morris Futch, Bull Tough