Titanium Welding of Nuclear Submarie


Titanium Welding of Nuclear Submarie

Titanium welding San Antonio

Weebz Welding partnered with Ocean Works International to fabricate a Titanium hydraulic actuator for a nuclear submarine. The actuator is used to open and close an underwater door used by Navy Seals as the point egress for their subsea propelled manned vehicle. The previous actuator was experiencing premature failure primarily due to salt water corrosion therefore had to be redesigned. Because of our experience in welding Titanium we were asked to perform the welding portion of the job.

We first had to do an extensive weld development and certification for the project. The weld certification involved getting certified to manually TIG weld 3/8” thick Titanium plate in various positions. Once certified we were cleared to produce one test version of the actuator. The test actuator was tested in a salt water tank and run through vigorous testing. After the actuator cycled 200,000 cycles without failure and the Navy was satisfied, we were cleared to manufacture one more working model. We worked many hours hand in hand with welding engineers and design engineers through the Christmas Holidays of 2004. The pressure was on as we were constantly reminded that there was a Nuclear Submarine docked in Pearl Harbor waiting on nothing more than this actuator.

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